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update #11 - An Afrodisiac Pin-up

my friends Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca are starting a collection of pin-ups to coincide with the release of their new book, Afrodisiac. I own the book. It is excellent. i based the Lego Afrodisiac on the Cube Dudes design, invented by Agnus MacLane. That guy is amazing.

here is a link to the gallery:
here is information about the book:
here is information about Jim Rugg:
here is a link to the Cube Dudes by MacLane:

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update#6 - Rusty Brown's Dad?

my brother Jon is really good at finding hilarious garbage. for xmas, he gave me a stack of old black and white photos of businessmen in their element. when i came across this one, i was shocked by how much this guy resembled W.K. Brown from Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library. Even the glasses are really similar. This photo looks like it was taken 6 - 8 years before the current storyline.

you can find the newest issue here ( #19 was amazing ) -

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update#2 - Pittsburgh NORTH Comic

I contributed this story to a comic about the north side of Pittsburgh.
It was put together by the nice folks over at the Toonseum.

a lot of great pittsburgh artists are in it : Tom Scioli, Pat Lewis, Ed Piskor, Paullete Poullet, the list goes on.

Jim Rugg made the cover ( +pages inside )